Jason Keith!

Jason Keith is an Eisner Award nominated color artist living in Richmond, Virginia. For the majority of the past 15 years he has colored exclusively for Marvel Comics, on titles such as The Avengers, Hulk, Wolverine, Amazing Spider-Man, Mighty Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ghost Rider, Shanna, Star Wars and Darth Vader. A short list of legendary artists he has colored includes: Arthur Adams, Jim Lee, Walt Simonson, David Finch, John Romita Jr, Dave Gibbons, Jack Kirby, Oliver Coipel, Dale Keown, Todd McFarlane, Steve Ditko, Ed McGuiness and “Big” John Buscema. Jason finished his BFA degree in Painting, from VCU’s School of the Arts in 2013, and his abstract paintings are represented by Reynolds Gallery in Richmond, VA.

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