VA Comicon Frequently Asked Questions*

*Does NOT apply to the Old-School Comicon or Collectibles Expo


Where can I see a list of past VA Comicon Exclusives? Right HERE: https://vacomicon.com/past-exclusives/

What are the official dates for the VA Comicon?  All confirmed show dates are listed on our website at https://vacomicon.com

What are the show times? Check your tickets, and the website for the most recent listing of show hours and schedules.

Where is the event being held? Our Comic shows are at the Richmond Raceway. The Collectibles Expo is held at the Chesterfield Fairgrounds. Fairfax shows are held in the Johnson center at GMU.

Who are your guests/vendors/creators slated for the event?  To get an up to date list of our comic guests, media folks, vendors  and creators click here https://vacomicon.com/

How much are passes? prices are listed on the website, and can vary by event and pass type.

What’s The difference between passes? Read each pass carefully. Some may get you in at different times. Others may require you to pick up merchandise inside the show!

Will there be passes at the door?  No. Due to new Covid protocols, we will require each attendee to purchase tickets through our website directly, and present them at the door to scan your unique QR code. Additinoally, You will still be able to purchase tickets online the DAY of the show, and we can scan your PHONE screen (no need to waste paper).

What is your child policy to tickets?  Parents can register for FREE Children’s Tickets (age 0-12) on our website, while they last. Please Note: the VA Comicon can not allow unaccompanied minors into the show without a paying parent or guardian.

Is parking FREE? At the Raceway (Richmond), YES. We have multiple events at multiple locations. Please read the list of locations carefully. We cannot guarantee FREE parking at GMU at this time.

For our events at the Richmond Raceway, upon entering the main gate, follow parking instructions from our attendants.

For our events at the Chesterfield Fairgrounds, you can park in the gravel lot directly in front of the event hall.

How will I receive my ticket after purchasing it? After purchasing your ticket, our system will E-MAIL you your  tickets. Be sure to check your SPAM folder for these tickets. Still can’t find it? Check your Paypal account to make sure your payment actually went through.  If all else fails, and your request is within 72 hours of the event we can also use your photo ID to look up purchased tickets the day of the show, as long as it corresponds to your Paypal payment. Yes, we CAN scan the barcode on your phone screen if you wish to save paper.

Vendors, Feel free to Message Us up to 72 hours before the event.

I already bought a ticket, but I can’t make it, can I get a refund? No, but you MAY  give / transfer the ticket to someone else as long as it is for the same ticket type (i.e, you cannot give your FREE kids ticket to an adult, or give your Sunday ticket to someone coming on Saturday).

How do I contact the Richmond, VA Comicon the last 72 hours before the show? Believe it or not, the show is operated by a group of hardworking volunteers, from several different states. We all come to Richmond to make sure we can put on the most fun and affordable show possible. What this means is the last 2-3 days before an event, we are all TRAVELING to be at the show, and may have a limited ability to respond as quickly as we normally do. Regardless, you can still MESSAGE US, and we will try to get back to you as quickly as possible (though there may be a slight delay).

What is your harassment policy? Zero tolerance. Period. Anyone caught harassing ANY guest or vendor will be ejected from the show without refund. In addition, The VA Comicon works closely with local law enforcement, and will have uniformed officers on site. Our friends at Awesome Con have pretty great harassment policy. We follow their same rules. Check them out HERE.

My favorite guest canceled. Can I get a refund for my photo op? For my tickets? While we hope ALL of our guests can make it, sometimes last minute cancellations are unavoidable. We will do our best to let you know of cancellations as soon as possible on our Facebook page, and promise to bring you the best show possible, regardless of ANY cancellation. Photo ops will be refunded / transferred per each guests’ individual policy, but there are sadly no refunds on your attendee ticket. Still can’t make it? please consider giving your pass to a friend so he/she can enjoy the show.


Will you have panel discussions at the event?  Our 1-day events will no longer have panels, but most WILL have a costume contest. Check the event schedule for more info.

Can I find out what type of panels and discussions you have in store and times?  This information will be posted at https://vacomicon.com

Costume Contest

Are you having a costume contest?: This depends on the type of show. Many of our Comic Cons do, while our Collectibles Expo shows do not. Details and times on any costume contests will be posted on the show’s “schedule” section on our website.

-Where Can I find more info on categories & prizes? Select which show you want on our website (https://vacomicon.com). Under “schedule” click “Costume Contest” for more info!

-What is your Cosplay weapons policy?  We have a PDF for that! It’s located here: Cosplay Weapons Policy!

Dealers and Vendors

What are set up times? Go to the website (www.vacomicon.com) and click on the event page for the scheduled load-in times.

Can I get extra badges?  This option varies by show.

What is the deadline for registration?  The deadline will be shown online during ticket registration, and changes by show.

Where is the Vendor Contract / Agreement Located that I signed when I registered for space? Here.


How do I get a press pass?  Press passes can be ascertained by contacting Dan Nokes at dan@vacomicon.com for a press pass application.


How do I become a volunteer at VA Comicon?  Please contact Dan at dan@vacomicon.com  for a Volunteer application.


How can I interact with the VA Comicon and it’s fans? We use Facebook! Become our Fan HERE, and RSVP for our shows HERE!

Legal stuff: All information in this FAQ is subject to change, and shall not affect any condition or request concerning a full or partial refund for either vendor space or attendee tickets. All Photos have been used with permission. Whew!