The Game Patrol!

We are pleased to welcome event sponsors The Game Patrol to the VA Comicon.

The Game Patrol is a Mobile Video Game Truck designed with FUN in mind. We will pull up to your location with a complete video game truck party ready to rock! All we need is a place to park and people to play. Book a party now and FREE THE FUN! We show up at the predetermined time, set up all the activities and games chosen, and help to ensure everyone has a memorable event. Whether your event is a birthday, a group outing, a company function or something special, we are here to help you and your guests free the fun. It’s curbside service at its best. Call Today (804) 836-6000 or email

game Patrol  game patrol 2

Here are the Specs for the Game Theatre:

(4) 50 inch 3D LED TV's Inside
(1) 55 inch 3D LED TV Outside
(5) Xbox 360 consoles with 20 controllers
(3) Wii consoles with 12 controllers
(2) Wii U consoles with 2 Wii U Gamepads and 8 Extra Wii controllers
(1) PS3 console with 4 controllers
(1) Xbox One Console with 4 controllers
(1) PS4 console with 4 controllers
(1) Xbox 360 Kinect
(1) Xbox One Kinect
(40+) pairs of 3D glasses
(12) Wii steering wheels
(1) IP Based Webcam to keep an eye on the action

Visuals, Comfort and Features

Disco Lighting
Fog Machine
External Party Lighting
LED Interior Programmable Lighting
Leather Seating
DirecTV Satellite
3D Movie Capable
(2) AC units and a propane furnace, Heat nor Cold bother us
16 Player Simultaneous Inside with an additional 4 outside for a total of 20 
people gaming at once!
Extra room for spectators inside, with our stadium-like seating
Wheelchair Accessible
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