James Noll

James Noll is an indie author from Fredericksburg, VA. He is selling his horror/sci-fi/post-apocalyptic trilogy.

A Knife in the Back: In “Beta,” a monster terrorizes an isolated village in the mountains of Eastern Europe, draining the blood of all of its victims, leaving them frozen in the snow. The villagers hunt wolves, decapitate “vampires,” but the murders continue. The killer, it turns out, is closer to home.

In “City of Salt,” a desperate man searches for salt in a post-apocalyptic city, despite the mutants that lurk the streets, hunting for human flesh.

In “Prey,” an old man with discovers a gruesome new fertilizer for his beloved flowers.

And in Raleigh’s Prep., a novel, Topher, Michael, and Kenneth find a mangled body on the rugby field of their new school. They decide to investigate– inadvertently unleashing the horror that lurks in the woods that surrounds the campus.

These are just a few of the macabre stories found within. Enter– IF YOU DARE!

You Will Be Safe Here: Come travel down the dark recesses of the human mind, accompany the doomed inhabitants of a distant planet on their dangerous final mission, and tour the paranormal corners of Fredericksburg, Virginia with four more short stories and a new novel from the author of A Knife in the Back.

“Milly-Anne” doesn’t let autism get in her way. She’s smart. Smarter than her mother, smarter than her classmates, and definitely smarter than Mr. Tull, her principal. But something horrific is spawning in the air ducts of her school, and she can’t make anybody understand just how much danger they are in.

In “Like This?,” the psychiatrists release Jefferson Jefferson from the institution early. They shouldn’t have.

In “The Unan,” Bear, Lily, and the old man barely escape a deadly outbreak in their compound. They take to the jungle, where unknown peril awaits.

In “Savages,” a fireball streaks through the heavens above the peaceful valley where the White One, the Brother of Rhoem, has lived for years with his cousins, the Unan. The chief of the Unan thinks it may be a message from the gods, but the White One knows it is a different kind of visitor.

Tracker’s Travail picks up the story of Topher, Zorn, and Gertrude years after their escape from Raleigh’s Prep.. Arriving in Fredericksburg, Virginia just in time to stop a Class IV CZA, they quickly find themselves embroiled in various other misadventures. Who would have thought such a quaint little town could be so lethal?

And Burn All The Bodies: In “Coming Home,” after the siege, Lily finds refuge in her favorite place: a pond a few miles outside of the city. There she is attacked and taken hostage by a lone enemy soldier. She thinks he’s going to kill her, but he has something else in mind.

In “It Steals Things,” years after finally escaping Partlow, Va, Ben returns to help an old friend who is going through a tough time. But Mike doesn’t want help. He wants revenge.

In “The Legacy of the Monster Diego Tomas,” an apartment building in a city deluged by the rising oceans becomes a battle zone between the last people on Earth.

And finally, in Topher’s Ton, the final chapter of the Topher Trilogy, the end of the world comes in a barrage of bombs, a rush of tsunami, and a hail of meteors. Topher, still recovering from his kidnapping by a deranged serial killer, manages to not only survive, but nearly rebuilds civilization. If it weren’t for Rasheed, the demented boy-god with a tank, or Nurse Smith, the deranged leader of a group of crazy doctors, or Liam Chris, a deranged despot seeking revenge, he might have been successful.

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