Nathan Skreslet has been a professional graphic designer for nearly 20 years. He has done book cover designs for several Doctor Who short fiction anthologies and book cover work for premiere Doctor Who non-fiction author David J. Howe on several episode and merchandise guides, as well as a series of novellas published by Telos books.

His current original art project, PixelWho, started in late 2010. It is focused on creating a complete visual character dictionary and episode guide for Doctor Who fans, in limited edition 8-bit style art prints. The goal is to document every major and incidental character in story order from every Doctor as a way to celebrate the creativity and dedication of all the artists who have worked on the program over the past 50 years. He has completed limited edition prints for the 1st (Hartnell), 4th (T. Baker), 8th (McGann), 9th (Eccleston), and 10th (Tennant) Doctor series/movie runs. He is working on completing all the Doctors. PixelWho has been written about in the official BBC Doctor Who newsletter and website, CNet, Kotaku, Gallifrey Times, Kasterborous, etc.

Pixel Who

PixelWho teamed up with the creative minds behind “Doctor Who: Legacy,” the popular and official BBC Facebook and mobile game that is over the 2 million download mark. PixelWho is providing pixelated backgrounds, characters, and designs for a special 100+ level storyline called “Bigger on the Inside.” The prologue of the storyline launched in March 2015. The next chapter of the game was released in August 2016 and co-written by George Mann of “Engines of War” and Lee Cummings.

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