Don Drakulich (GWAR)

 aka Sleazy P. Martini is an original member of the Grammy Nominated Heavy Metal band GWAR and the art collective Slave Pit Inc.  Formed in Richmond VA, in 1984 GWAR quickly garnered attention for their easily identifiable costumes and over the top stage show which revolves around an elaborate science fiction-themed mythology. Over Don’s 30+ years with the band he has portrayed a multitude of characters however none have been more prevalent than that of Sleazy P. Martini. Along with his career in the band Don has a diverse back ground in art and special effects which he showcases under his company Hypereal Productions. Don’s latest venture is the comedic late night television show on Roku’s OSI74 titled “Sleazy Pictures After Dark”.

  • Short Bio:Sleazy P. Martini!
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