Spring 2024 Exhibitor Diagram

By Booth Exhibitor By Exhibitor Booth Extra Chairs
A1 E3d Printing 2-Land Comics D12
A2 Cosplay World 2Jerkz&acomic F3
A3 Jason Kieth 2Jerkz&acomic F4
A4 Carbonated Productions 501st Legion J6
A5 Virginia & Ronny Donations 501st Legion J7
A6 Chris Pitzer All American Comics E5
A7 Velocity Comics All American Comics F5
A8 Painted Visions Alpha Comics D5
A9 Lee’s Movies and Collectibles Ash’s Hallowed Haunts E3
A10 Lee’s Movies and Collectibles Battlefield Comics
A11 LaureeeenSpot Black Dog Collectibles E6
A12 VA Comicon Show Booth Black Dog Collectibles F6
A13 VA Comicon Show Booth Brett Carreras D6
A14 Ruffwood Comics Brianlacyart G2
B1 Molding Carrot Carbonated Productions A4 1
B2 RVA Katana Central City Comics G13
B3 RVA Katana Chaotic Abstraction H2 1
B4 Doodle King LLC Chris Pitzer A6
B5 El Chombo Customs Comix4Cheap C7
B6 El Chombo Customs Comix4Cheap C8
B7 Richmond Comix Connery’s Toy Chest D10
B8 Painted Visions Conscious Crystals G6
B9 Dren Productions Cosplay World A2
B10 Dren Productions Crescent Petal Crafts C4 1
B11 Pokemon Sean Dan Nokes G14
B12 VA Comicon Show Booth Doodle King LLC B4
B13 Kantoboyz_tcg Dren Productions B9
B14 Kantoboyz TCG LLC Dren Productions B10
C1 ErraticSmith E3d Printing A1
C2 Throwback Games El Chombo Customs B5
C3 Throwback Games El Chombo Customs B6
C4 Crescent Petal Crafts Elk Moon Creations H4
C5 Stories Comics Elle Gee Art H5
C6 Supah Comics ErraticSmith C1
C7 Comix4Cheap Flashpoint games H11
C8 Comix4Cheap Flashpoint games H12
C9 Will Watkins / Phillip Middleton Frank Lester Cosplay J5
C10 VA Comicon Show Booth Frank Lester/Cosplay J4
C11 Tanuki Green Screen (Ed Fortner) Frank’s Cool Stuff D4
C12 Fredericksburg’s Greatest Fredericksburg’s Greatest C12 1
D1 Mythical Mirage Creations Ghostbusters RVA J1
D2 La Wren’s Nest Ghostbusters RVA J2
D3 The OddBall Studio Ghostbusters RVA J3
D4 Frank’s Cool Stuff Guy Rose I3
D5 Alpha Comics Guy Rose I4
D6 Brett Carreras Heroes Are Hard To Find G7
D7 Topaz Strange Heroes Are Hard To Find H7
D8 Nic at Nite Art I & S Jewelry H3 1
D9 Star Wars Store Ike Jones G4
D10 Connery’s Toy Chest Ike Jones G5
D11 Ranelynn Graphics LLC Jason Hamlin G8
D12 2-Land Comics Jason Hamlin H8
E1 Mark D’Ornellas Jason Kieth A3
E2 Waterdeep Traders Jimmy Jam’s Toys and Collectibles E9 2
E3 Ash’s Hallowed Haunts Juledrops H13
Battlefield Comics Kaleidoscope Keep H6 1
E5 All American Comics Kantoboyz TCG LLC B14
E6 Black Dog Collectibles Kantoboyz_tcg B13
E7 Rawjawbone Graphics La Wren’s Nest D2
E8 lovelyladyartist LaureeeenSpot A11 1
E9 Jimmy Jam’s Toys and Collectibles Lee’s Movies and Collectibles A9
E10 Madeline Nicely / Rena Bridge Lee’s Movies and Collectibles A10
E11 VA Comicon Show Booth Linda Redmond H14
E12 Paper Tiger Lock Box Comics H10
F1 Moonlit Cards & More lovelyladyartist E8
F2 NOTHING BUNDT CAKES Madeline Nicely / Rena Bridge E10 1
F3 2Jerkz&acomic Mark D’Ornellas E1
F4 2Jerkz&acomic MiAngel Palace F11
F5 All American Comics Mike Odum Art/Red Comet Toys & Collectibles H1
F6 Black Dog Collectibles Molding Carrot B1
F7 Tim Shinn Moonlit Cards & More F1
F8 VA Comicon Show Booth Myia’s Garden G11
F9 Pop-Up Comics Mythical Mirage Creations D1
F10 Northside Design 3D Nic at Nite Art D8 1
F11 MiAngel Palace Northside Design 3D F10
G1 Wulveys Customs and Collectibles Otaku International Express G9
G2 Brianlacyart Painted Visions A8
G3 Utkani Collectibles Painted Visions B8
G4 Ike Jones Paper Tiger E12
G5 Ike Jones Pokemon Sean B11
G6 Conscious Crystals Pop-Up Comics F9
G7 Heroes Are Hard To Find PsyKo Smileys H9
G8 Jason Hamlin Ranelynn Graphics LLC D11
G9 Otaku International Express Rawjawbone Graphics E7
G10 Wonder City Comics Rebel Legion J8
G11 Myia’s Garden Rebel Legion J9
G12 Udderly Ridiculous Productions Richmond Comix B7
G13 Central City Comics Ruffwood Comics A14
G14 Dan Nokes RVA Katana B2
H1 Mike Odum Art/Red Comet Toys & Collectibles RVA Katana B3
H2 Chaotic Abstraction Star Wars Store D9
H3 I & S Jewelry Stories Comics C5 1
H4 Elk Moon Creations Supah Comics C6
H5 Elle Gee Art Super Hero Vehicles K1
H6 Kaleidoscope Keep Tanuki Green Screen (Ed Fortner) C11
H7 Heroes Are Hard To Find The OddBall Studio D3 1
H8 Jason Hamlin Throwback Games C2
H9 PsyKo Smileys Throwback Games C3
H10 Lock Box Comics Tim Shinn F7
H11 Flashpoint games Topaz Strange D7
H12 Flashpoint games Udderly Ridiculous Productions G12
H13 Juledrops Up Owl Night Baker LLC F12
H14 Linda Redmond Utkani Collectibles G3 1
I3 Guy Rose VA Comicon Show Booth A12
I4 Guy Rose VA Comicon Show Booth A13
J1 Ghostbusters RVA VA Comicon Show Booth B12
J2 Ghostbusters RVA VA Comicon Show Booth C10
J3 Ghostbusters RVA VA Comicon Show Booth E11 1
J4 Frank Lester/Cosplay VA Comicon Show Booth F8
J5 Frank Lester Cosplay Velocity Comics A7
J6 501st Legion Virginia & Ronny Donations A5 1
J7 501st Legion Waterdeep Traders E2
J8 Rebel Legion Will Watkins / Phillip Middleton C9 2
J9 Rebel Legion Wonder City Comics G10
K1 Super Hero Vehicles Wulveys Customs and Collectibles G1