Spring 2023 Diagram

Exhibitors, please contact us if the chair count is wrong!

Booth Name Extra Chairs
A1 RVA Fantasy Authors
A2 Fateless Legacies LLC 1
A3 2Jerkz&acomic
A4 2Jerkz&acomic
A5 cherrypickerscollectibles
A6 KO Collectibles
A7 Griffin Toys
A8 Painted Visions
A9 Lee’s Movies and Collectibles
A10 Lee’s Movies and Collectibles
A11 Gremlina 1
A12 Yojimbu Inc
A13 Top Secret Press
A14 Conner Comics / Zeno’s Books
B1 RVA FAntasy Authors
B2 RVA Katana
B3 A Con with a Cause
B4 Geeks Under the Influence 1
B5 Geeks Under the Influence 2
B6 Robert Weaver
B7 Griffin Toys
B8 Don Q Comics
B9 Moving Pictures
B10 Personalized by Tammie 1
B11 Dale Shuler
B12 Dren Productions
Chris’ Pokemon & Sports Memorabilia
C1 ErraticSmith
C2 Christopher Irving 1
C3 Christopher’s Comics 1
C4 Udderly Ridiculious Productions 1+electr.
C5 Groundbreaking Comics
C6 Collector’s Attic Comics
C7 El Chombo Custom Dioramas 1
C8 El Chombo Customs Dioramas
C11 Paper Tiger
C12 Paper Tiger
D1 Waterdeep Traders
D2 Dan Nokes
D3 Frank’s Cool Stuff
D4 Frank’s Cool Stuff
D5 Groundbreaking Comics
D6 Collector’s Attic Comics
D7 Up Owl Night Baker LLC
D8 Namiwear
D12 2-Land Comics
E1 BC Photography
E2 Chaotic Blobs
E3 Critical Hit Creations, LLC
E4 BattleField Comics
E5 All-American Comics
E6 Black Dog Collectables
E7 Retro Steam Studios
E8 Linda Redmond
E11 Calicozy Art 1
E12 Ranelynn Graphics LLC
F1 Fredericksburg’s Greatest Comics
F2 lovelyladyartist
F3 Mythical Mirage Creations 1
F4 Tim Shinn 2
F5 All-American Comics
F6 Black Dog Collectables
F7 Jason Kieth
F8 Cosplay World
F11 Plastic Fantastic Collectibles 1
F12 Ranelynn graphics
G1 C&b Entertainment
G2 Ike Jones
G3 Ike Jones
G4 Jennifer Schwendeman 1
G5 Dave’s Toys
G6 Eclipse Pop
G7 Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find
G8 Jason Hamlin Comics
G9 $1 Comics 1
G10 Flashpoint games
G11 Flashpoint games
G12 Flashpoint games
G13 Flashpoint games
G14 Throwback Games
H1 Lucid 3D Printing
H2 Moss-Lawsons Awesomeness
H3 Elk Moon Creations
H4 Adhouse Books
H5 David Hindelang
H6 Brianlacyart
H7 Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find
H8 Jason Hamlin Comics
H9 PsyKo-Smileys
H10 Lighted Things elec
H11 Untamed Worlds
H12 Untamed Worlds
H13 Griffin/Geddes
H14 Jim Madison
I1 Julio Crespo
I2 Guy Rose
I3 Michael Lantz
J2 Ghostbusters VA
J3 Ghostbusters VA
J4 Frank Lester
J5 Frank Lester
J6 The 501st
J7 The 501st
J8 Rebel Legion
J9 Rebel Legion
K6 Brian Paone / Delorean
K7 PikaBug