Politics of THE LAST JEDI: Beltway Banthas!

Wait…a POLITICAL lecture at COMICON?!?

Well…this panel is a LITTLE different. Leave YOUR politics at the door, because we asked our friends from Washington DC’s Beltway Banthas to analyze and dissect THE LAST JEDI, and they are ready to present it to YOU!

Their three main points of discussion will be 1. Populist politics in TLJ 2. The messy middle of the Force and galactic war 3. Race, gender and representation in film

Star Wars has always been and will always be political. What’s made the franchise so successful is it’s universalist messages and themes that unite the vast majority of audiences. Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi is different. Something about it is uniquely divisive. In this panel we will explore the political undertones of The Last Jedi, both in-universe and the external forces in our own world that gave us the latest installment of the Star Wars saga.