(Fairfax) CASH COSTUME CONTEST ( Cinema 4p Sun)!

Each category will have THREE winners each day: a 1st place, and 2 runner-ups.

Every winner will received an engraved trophy celebrating their win (15 trophies per day)!

Categories include:

  1. Best Girl’s Costume (Age 0-12)
  2. Best Boy’s Costume¬†(Age 0-12)
  3. Best Group Costume (All Ages)
  4. Best Woman’s Costume (Age 13+). 1st Place winner also receives $100 cash!
  5. Best Men’s Costume (Age 13+).¬†1st Place winner also receives $100 cash!

Check the schedule for Pre-Judging times and locations. Yes, you CAN enter both days, but you MUST be in DIFFERENT costumes!

Good luck, Everyone!