Fall 2021 Diagram

By Exhibitor Booth By Booth Exhibitor
2 Fluffy J’s Nerd Emporium H5 A1 Udderly Ridiculous Productions
24×4 F7 A2 Dimensiondecals.net
501st J6 A3 Dimensiondecals.net
501st J7 A4 Jason Brockwell
AdHouse books G10 A5 Ranelynn Graphics LLC
Alicia’s Anime & Video Games B10 A6 Ranelynn Graphics LLC
Alicias Anime & Video Games B11 A7 Enrique’s Comics
All American Comics E5 A8 James Barefoot
All-American Comics F5 A9 Toy Lair
Almighty Afro Artwork B3 A10 Lomagz Toyz
Ancient Illumination A14 A11 Flashpoint Games LLC
ART of DJ JACKSON H13 A12 Flashpoint Games LLC
ART of Stephen Burks H12 A13 KO Collectibles
Artway Alliance K1 A14 Ancient Illumination
Artway Alliance K2 B1 JC Kang/Christopher Russell
Author AJ McMullen G5 B2 Iggysato Studios
Author Mary Terrani H4 B3 Almighty Afro Artwork
Awesome minis B12 B4 Dave’s Toys
Awesome minis B13 B5 Never E Nuff Wood
Bank Robinson D5 B6 Mark D’Ornellas
BC Photography LLC G1 B7 Griffin Toys
BerryPop H1 B8 James Barefoot
Black Dog Collectables E6 B9 Dario Huynh
Black Dog Collectables F6 B10 Alicia’s Anime & Video Games
Brett’s Warehouse J2 B11 Alicias Anime & Video Games
Brian Paone K7 B12 Awesome minis
Brianlacyart G2 B13 Awesome minis
Bricks and Broomsticks E11 B14 Starz ‘N’ Carz
CBCS I5 C1 Erraticsmith
Christian Ingram C10 C2 Number 12 Creations
Collector’s Attic C6 C3 Sarah Miller Creations
Collector’s Attic D6 C4 Geoff Weber comics
Comic and TCG Guys G14 C5 Rick Fortenberry
Controllers ‘n’ Dice G13 C6 Collector’s Attic
Couple ‘ Kiwis F8 C7 Rawjawbone Graphics
Crowdsourcing for Creatives I1 C8 Dren Productions
Crystal Quietude / Wish Upon Wings H14 C9 iCollectables
Dan Nokes I2 C10 Christian Ingram
Dan Parent I6 C11 REN
Dario Huynh B9 C12 The Pop Squad
Dave’s Toys B4 D1
Sinister At Arms Cosplay & Props LLC
David Hindelang G4 D2 The Pin Pal
Dimensiondecals.net A2 D3 Linda Redmond Comics
Dimensiondecals.net A3 D4 Nerdgasmatron
Dren Productions C8 D5 Bank Robinson
Elk Moon Creations F3 D6 Collector’s Attic
Enrique’s Comics A7 D7 Nerd elysium
Erraticsmith C1 D8 Nerd elysium
Flashpoint Games LLC A11 D9 Nerd elysium
Flashpoint Games LLC A12 D10 Specters Anonymous
Fraga Studios H2 D11 SilverWolf Crafts
Frank Lester K4 D12 The Pop Squad
Fredericksburg’s Greatest F12 E1 Jeneko in Japan
Geeks Under the Influence K6 E2 Moving Pictures
Geoff Weber comics C4 E3 ON HOLD
Gillimurphy Press artwork by Christopher Lewis F2 E4 Jimmy Montgomery
Griffin Toys B7 E5 All American Comics
Guy Rose J3 E6 Black Dog Collectables
H.E.ROdriguez E7 E7 H.E.ROdriguez
Hell Kitten RVA F1 E8 Retro Steam Studios
iCollectables C9 E9 Monarch Comics
Iggysato Studios B2 E10 Wades Amusement LLC
Incredible Elijah K3 E11 Bricks and Broomsticks
Jackie Husar F11 E12 Patrick Dodson
James Barefoot A8 F1 Hell Kitten RVA
James Barefoot B8 F2
Gillimurphy Press artwork by Christopher Lewis
James Saunders H3 F3 Elk Moon Creations
Cosplay Pre-Judging J4 F4 Tallboy’s Comics
Cosplay Pre-Judging J5 F5 All-American Comics
Jason Brockwell A4 F6 Black Dog Collectables
Jason Hamlin G8 F7 24×4
Jason Hamlin H8 F8 Couple ‘ Kiwis
Jason Keith I3 F9
Woody’s Comics / Spiggew Collectibles
JC Kang/Christopher Russell B1 F10 Wades Amusement LLC
Jeneko in Japan E1 F11 Jackie Husar
Jeremy Rodden, Author H11 F12 Fredericksburg’s Greatest
Jimmy Montgomery E4 G1 BC Photography LLC
KO Collectibles A13 G2 Brianlacyart
Linda Redmond Comics D3 G3 Terralepus
Lomagz Toyz A10 G4 David Hindelang
Mark D’Ornellas B6 G5 Author AJ McMullen
Michael Lantz J1 G6 WaterDeep Traders
Minty Fresh Comics G11 G8 Jason Hamlin
Minty Fresh comics G12 G9 Wizarding Whatnots Wand Shop
Monarch Comics E9 G10 AdHouse books
Moving Pictures E2 G11 Minty Fresh Comics
Nerd elysium D7 G12 Minty Fresh comics
Nerd elysium D8 G13 Controllers ‘n’ Dice
Nerd elysium D9 G14 Comic and TCG Guys
Nerdgasmatron D4 H1 BerryPop
Never E Nuff Wood B5 H2 Fraga Studios
Nick Justus H6 H3 James Saunders
Number 12 Creations C2 H4 Author Mary Terrani
ON HOLD E3 H5 2 Fluffy J’s Nerd Emporium
Patrick Dodson E12 H6 Nick Justus
Ranelynn Graphics LLC A5 H8 Jason Hamlin
Ranelynn Graphics LLC A6 H9 Untamed Worlds
Rawjawbone Graphics C7 H10 Untamed Worlds
Rebel Legion J8 H11 Jeremy Rodden, Author
Rebel Legion J9 H12 ART of Stephen Burks
Retro Steam Studios E8 H14
Crystal Quietude / Wish Upon Wings
Rick Fortenberry C5 I1 Crowdsourcing for Creatives
Sarah Miller Creations C3 I2 Dan Nokes
SilverWolf Crafts D11 I3 Jason Keith
Sinister At Arms Cosplay & Props LLC D1 I4 Steve Bird / JohnDell Snead
Specters Anonymous D10 I5 CBCS
Starz ‘N’ Carz B14 I6 Dan Parent
Tallboy’s Comics F4 J1 Michael Lantz
Terralepus G3 J2 Brett’s Warehouse
The Pin Pal D2 J3 Guy Rose
The Pop Squad C12 J4 Cosplay Pre-Judging
The Pop Squad D12 J5 Cosplay Pre-Judging
Timmy Danger K5 J6 501st
Toy Lair A9 J7 501st
Steve Bird / JohnDell Snead I4 J8 Rebel Legion
Udderly Ridiculous Productions A1 J9 Rebel Legion
Untamed Worlds H9 K1 Artway Alliance
Untamed Worlds H10 K2 Artway Alliance
Wades Amusement LLC E10 K3 Incredible Elijah
Wades Amusement LLC F10 K4 Frank Lester
WaterDeep Traders G6 K5 Timmy Danger
Wizarding Whatnots Wand Shop G9 K6 Geeks Under the Influence
Woody’s Comics / Spiggew Collectibles F9 K7 Brian Paone