Verillas is an alternative fashion company blending modern and renaissance fashion (Find our style on Instagram #ModRen).  Our style is meant for all genders and all walks of life.  Our Transcend Gender category is intended to make shopping easy for those outside binary gender expression lines. We blend in fantasy, pride, and post apocalyptic elements in some of our designs as well.  Our intention is to create every-day wear that makes you feel like you’ve put on armor against the difficulties you’ll face today.  The strong lines and leather details we use are meant to inspire courage and individuality.

The Verillas style also reaches in to garb for Renaissance Faires, Larp Couture, and Post Apocalyptic Fashion.  You can find our styles in modern Hollywood movies such as the Shannara Chronicles, Star Trek, and the newest Game of Thrones series as well as many more famous films.  Whatever festival you call home, our styles are meant to serve you through comfortable durability.

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