Sideshow Infotainment!

SideShow Infotainment
Saturday Mornings 7am-9am

Citizen Jerm
An 80’s Kid & 90’s teen, Citizen Jerm is the host of SideShow Infotainment. With an extensive
background in pop-culture and a license to reflect on everything retro, Jerm is continually
updating and producing content for the radio program or website. When venturing into the “real
world” he can be found hunting down new or vintage action figures, toys and video games!


Sam Newsman
Sam’s assignment at VAcomicon is to interview superheroes, villains, young or old and get to
the bottom of what their mission “really is” in Richmond, VA. His expertise in finding the “true
conspiracy” behind the news comes from being there, at that exact moment in time, where it all
began… Roswell. This level of experience along with keeping up the highest standards of
journalistic integrity, has allowed Sam to be revered amongst newsrooms all over the world and
having the distinguished honor of being awarded the self described title as…
“The Most Trusted Puppet In Media… Reporting Since Roswell”


Lord Blanket
The Bad Guy… Lord of All Blankets!


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