Samantha Brodek!

Samantha was born in Bangor, Maine in 1993. She earned a Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University of the Arts. Samantha works predominantly in pen and ink, with special attention to detailed line work and dot work. The majority of her work is focused on illustration and 2D drawing, though she does show a limited collection of beautiful hand crafted bone and tooth necklaces, alongside decorated and mounted skulls and large scale bones.

Her goal and main focus with her artwork is to illuminate darkness and to reveal and expose the “negativity” in the world that most people try to ignore. While revealing these things (this darkness) it is extremely important to focus on the inherent, delicate beauty that lies within these shadows. Her hopes are that the delicately detailed work will remind people of the delicacy of life, the constant becoming and fading of all things, the impermanence of everything, and the
precious, lovely, fleeting nature that lies within everything.

Samantha works with a majority of different clients and as a rich history of collaborative work and shows. She has worked with multiple galleries in the Richmond Area, and has shown her work at Commercial Tap house, Harrison Street Cafe, Northdown Chicago, and New Normal Apparel. The majority of her commissioned work involves working closely with bands and musicians to create merchandise designs, logo designs and brand development. She also works closely with various Tap houses and Breweries throughout the States.

Samantha is currently working as a freelance artist in Richmond and she designed our June, 2016 T-Shirt Exclusive!

June 25, 2016 T-Shirt design by Samantha Brodek!

June 25, 2016 T-Shirt design by Samantha Brodek!

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