PIKA7! Owned by Nintendo!

Meet PIKA7, a custom 1998 New Beetle owned by Nintendo to promote the launch of Pokemon the United States in 1998. Ten of these custom New Beetles traveled the US, coined as the “PokePatrol”, to malls and other events such as tournaments and conventions to giveaway Pokemon goodies and promote the Pokemon game franchise.
These Beetles were used by Nintendo up until 2000, where Nintendo gave away some of these Pikabugs in contests to lucky Pokemon fans. Pika7 was given away in a contest in 2001 to promote the third Pokemon film, Pokemon the Movie 3. It was won by a women in Norfolk, who owned PIKA7 until 2014, where it was owned by another gentleman up until mewisme700 bought it in April 2019.
  • Short Bio:Important Custom VW Beetle!
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