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Mourning Daily Publishing!

produces a variety of comics and graphic novels with books ranging from all age comedies to fantasy to horror and beyond. Our style is a fusion of American comics blended with manga style. Right now our goal is to create thoroughly entertaining stories for our loyal fans without the commercialism and gimmicks that are being used to simply sell books. Our later goals include world domination.

For those daring enough to try us out, our books range from a slapstick, manga inspired SUBURBAN FIGHTERS where 1950’s suburbia meets ninjitsu masters to the quirky super powered parodies in SUPER ZERO HIGH. If you enjoy a magical, fantasy romance with the troubles of war… take a look at MYTHICAL MAGICK. If you prefer to be scared sleepless try out THE HUNTED featuring Zombies on the Isle of Rotting Corpses. We even have “tails” for the kiddies featuring the perfect super kitty Mr, Purrfect in THE PURRFECT ADVENTURES.

Our friends can take a look at our website to get exclusive content on current and future series, play games, or simply buy our stuff.

Thank you to all our current and future fans!
– Mourning Daily –

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