Larry Stroman!

Stroman’s earliest work in the American comic book industry was in 1985, when he illustrated back-up stories in First ComicsAmerican Flagg! #21–23 and World’s Finest Comics #316–317 for DC Comics. He then illustrated Alien Legion (vol. 2) #10–20 for Marvel Comics. He also drew other Marvel books, such Alpha Flight Annual, Cloak and Dagger, What The–?! and Ghost Rider.


Stroman was the regular artist on X-Factor from issue 71 to issue 81. Following the end of his run on that title, he drew a number of other books, such as Wolverine, Punisher and Darkstars.

In 1993, Stroman and writer Todd Johnson co-created the Image Comics series Tribe, which is the largest-selling African-American-created comic of all time.[citation needed] Sales for issue #1 exceeded the one million mark.


Stroman’s subsequent work in the 1990s included illustrating WildC.A.T.s: Covert Action Teams Annual #1 for Jim Lee‘s Wildstorm Productions/Image, and a number of Marvel titles including X-Men: The Early Years, Excalibur and Heroes Reborn: Iron Man.

In 2008 Stroman was reunited with his X-Factor collaborator Peter David, illustrating issues #33–36 and 38 of volume 3 of that series.[3] Stroman subsequently illustrated the three-issue miniseries X-Men: The Times and Life of Lucas Bishop miniseries, and Thunderbolts #144, both in 2009. More recently Stroman’s work has been seen on various covers, such as the Fried Pie variant of Black Panther #1.

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