Greg LaRocque

began his comics career at DC Comics and his first published work was the story “That Which Conquers All” in Mystery in Space #115 (Jan. 1981). This was followed by a series of OMAC back-up stories in The Warlord #42-47 (Feb. 1981-July 1981). His first work for Marvel Comics appeared in Power Man and Iron Fist#73 (Sept. 1981).[3] He drew several issues of Marvel Team-Up including the last issue of the series.[4] He and writer Louise Simonson then launched a new Spider-Man title, Web of Spider-Man, in April 1985.[5] After returning to DC Comics, LaRocque became prominent for his work illustrating the Legion of Super-Heroes. He stated in a 2013 interview that “I decided to leave Marvel for personal reasons, and the first person I called was [editor] Karen Berger. She handed me the next available Legionscript, and the day I handed in the work she offered me the book.”[6]

He drew The Flash with writer William Messner-Loebs from issue #15 (Aug. 1988) through #79 (Aug. 1993). A career highlight was redesigning the Flash’s costume to its current incarnation. Later in his run, he teamed up with Mark Waid to create one of the most popular series of issues in the character’s long history. Recently, Greg was tapped for art chores on the latest Stargate: Atlantis book from American Mythology.

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