Mike Imboden

is the co-creator and writer of “Fist of Justice” and got his start writing for “Digital Webbing Presents”.
Over the course of the past ten years, Mike has had his work appear in the aforementioned DWP anthology comic and the FUBAR zombie anthology comics. Additionally, he helped create the world of “Warmageddon” with L. Jamal Walton for which he wrote numerous stories and handled scripting duties for PKD Media’s “Mercury and the Murd” buddy-cop comic.

Mike currently lives in rural Maryland in an area he affectionately refers to as “inside the Ft. Detrick contamination zone”. He is married, has two sons and a Dachshund named Remo. In addition to Fist of Justice, if you asked Mike what his dream job was he’d tell you that it would be writing a comic based on the movie “They Live”.

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