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If you like apocalyptic fiction with the depth of an epic saga, meet Daniel Greene. Daniel is an indie author known for his ability to embed every page with fast-paced action, dreading suspense, and building complex and interweaving storylines that draw the reader into the perspectives of numerous point of view characters. He is known as a must read in the apocalyptic genre.

In End Time, the first installment of The End Time Saga, hell awaits a team of counterterrorism agents, led by Mark Steele. They unknowingly are sent on a suicide mission to rescue a besieged CDC doctor trapped inside the US Embassy Kinshasa. The virus is spreading. The dead are rising. Time is running out.

In The Breaking, Greene continues his thrilling epic apocalyptic saga. The clock is counting down to total annihilation of the United States at the hands of the deadliest virus ever seen by man. Former counterterrorism agent Steele and his allies have been ambushed in the West Virginia hills. With the hunt on for Patient Zero, can they survive and locate him in time to find a vaccine or will they fall to the tides of the dead?

In the third installment of the series, The Rising, the whole world draws closer to being overcome by the deadliest virus known to man.

Steele’s family home lies in burnt ruins on the shore of Lake Michigan. His group hunts for his missing mother in the apocalyptic wilderness filled with the dead. Instead he finds a group of refugees badly in need of his skills learned in the shadow War on Terror, for they are persecuted at every step by the Chosen, a group of fanatics hell-bent on creating God’s Kingdom in the rubble of civilization.

Dr. Joseph Jackowski finds himself in a dangerous battle against both the deadly virus and the clock inside the bowels of the Cheyenne Mountain Complex. His team struggles as their own members fall victim to the virus in a race to discover a vaccine.

Colonel Kinnick rushes his paltry force into the rocky passes of Colorado to hold the dead off long enough for a vaccine to be found. If he fails, the Vice President will burn the entire Western Seaboard into the blazing inferno of a nuclear holocaust.

Who will rise? The Living or the Dead?

What other authors are saying about the series: “Talk about a killer debut! Spoiler alert: Daniel Greene has written one of the most thrilling post-apocalyptic books of 2016.” – USA Today Bestselling Author of the Extinction Cycle, Nicholas Sansbury Smith on End Time

What readers are saying: “An epic, fast-paced adventure, featuring a diverse cast of characters, non-stop action, and of course, zombies – this apocalyptic thriller is a sure victory…”
“Gripping and chilling with an intensity that never ends, “The Breaking” by Daniel Greene is a must-read book for all fans of the genre.”
“Featuring a fast-moving plot, incredibly high stakes, and a compelling cast of complex characters, The Breaking is a tour de force in the zombie apocalypse niche, and Greene deserves to have a legion of hungry new fans after this latest installment.”

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