Chris Visions

was found on the banks of the Mississippi by boxing legend Jack Johnson. The boxer, through his golden smile, spat in the infant’s eyes and stuck the child on the first train to Virginia. A policeman and an art teacher took him in as their own, raising him on the following: hellfire, holy water, James brown, Earth Wind and Fire, Norman Rockwell, Michael Jackson, a box full of comics, a stack of VHS’s and elbow grease. From there on, he’s been sketching, through the Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, the Virginia Governor’s School, Virginia Commonwealth University, and finally the Illustration Academy.

Chris has worked in the fields of graphic design, game design, storyboarding, and illustration since 2006, and is currently creating comics with various publishers, including self publishing. Clients include:

Marvel, DC, BOOM! and Image.

Recent books Chris has worked on:

Power Man and Iron Fist #1

Star Lord #1

Spider Gwen Annual #1

visions-star-lord visions-powermanvisions-black-panther3c59d2d41ace4cc2-atcover19_webfolio_wwwchrisvisionscom
  • Short Bio:Spider-Gwen! Power-Man & Iron Fist!
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