Brian Shearer

If it is licensed, and it’s cool, chances are Brian has worked on it. His art chores range from Dr. Who to Transformers. Recently his work has been seen on GI JOE covers.

shearer GI JOE

We are proud to say Brian (with Rick Ketcham) did art chores the cover to our VERY first TMNT exclusive, the #3 for our VA Comicon way back in 2010. He also illustrated the cover of our Star Trek / Green Lantern #1 VA Comicon exclusive in 2015.

Shearer Star Trek Green Lantern

In addition to working with top publishers and licenses, Brian ALSO successfully Kickstarted his own project in 2016, “William the Last”. Welcome back to the VA Comicon, Brian!

william the last
  • Short Bio:GI JOE Cover Artist!
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