Bob Sodaro!

Robert J. (“Bob”) Sodaro is a writer, editor, and digital graphic artist, who is perhaps best known as a journalist for the comicbook industry during the ‘80s & ‘90s. As a journalist, he’s covered comics, films, TV, literature, politics, social issues, and local events, for several print and online publications, including He currently contributes stories to several indie comicbook publishers including, Red Anvil, Main Enterprises, Pronto, Atlas Unleashed, Free Lunch, and others, and is the creator of a number of intellectual properties including Agent Unknown, Wülf Girlz, Girl Skout Wars, The Adventures of Hot Girl & Totally Hot Girl, and others. He also produces magazines for Main Enterprises and writes Cyberines and Owlgirls for Red Anvil Comics.
  • Short Bio:Cyberines and Owlgirls writer!
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