C.K. Johnson!

At recent VA Comic Book Conventions, (The VA Comic Con and Toy Shows) the ComiCon D.J. & V.J., who’s host of the” Monster Bash Jams Sessions,” C.K. Johnson a.ka. Cold Kickin’ it Johnson, https://www.imdb.com/name/nm11509192/ was trying to save the day and catch the fictional monster that has been looming around Central VA. by playing one hit song after another. With the help of the comic book convention attendees he finally trapped the monster. So on Saturday Aug 22, 2020; he will celebrate with the Comic Con attendees with “The Festival Of Trap Music!” A festival dedicated to a subgenre of Hip-Hop music called “Trap Music” that will be filled with other classic and popular hit song, too, along with some video clips played during the Comic Book Convention at C.K. Johnson’s booth. He will have music playing & videos, posters, pictures from his online gallery, his music albums and book he has created on sale and other cool merchandise and display items to sale with an Autograph and Photo Op section.

A 1 man band, music artist and video producer head of Sir Johnson’s Records and Angel-A Production’s, will be selling merchandise and orders for items from the catalog of merchandise sold online, Premium Autographs Signing and Photo Ops, and showcasing music and videos from the label and video productions.

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