Cosplay Rules!



Official Richmond, VA Comicon Cosplay Guidlines and Rules

1. First, upon arrival or while waiting in line you MUST have any and all weapons checked by our trained 3rd-party security staff. All questionable weapons will be tagged, or removed.

2. All weapons must comply with the State law. Any guns resembling existing firearms must have an orange tip and be NON FUNCTIONAL. We have inspected rubber weapons in the past. Those are fine and must be tagged.

3. NO PROJECTILES. With emphasis on #2, any firearms must be able to be shown as non functional. Leave any clips at home or in the car as they will not be allowed inside. Bows and arrows without real tips (for display only) will be allowed but are not to be drawn or pointed at any other guests.

4. NO METAL WEAPONS. There are plenty of con safe alternatives. (Cardboard, foam, plastic, etc.) Use your imagination! That’s what we want to see!

5. Do not draw weapons in con area or towards guests. (Guns, swords, bows, just don’t do it.)

6. Please do not stop in the middle of the aisles within our dealer area for photos. We don’t discourage stopping for picture, by all means show off your work! However we ask that you step aside and report to the Cosplay Arena for all photo ops.

7. Please, no foul language or sexuality. This is a family event. This includes costumes. We understand and respect trueness to concept when portraying a character, but please keep your own safety and respect for families in mind when choosing your cosplay.

8. Attendees participating in the costume contest may only win in ONE category. Meaning, if you have won an award already in one category you will not be allowed to compete again. We must give all cosplayers an opportunity.

9. While participating in the cosplay contest, please, no threatening poses towards the spectators. This includes flips or kicks that may accidentally injure someone watching.

10. Participates who win in any category of the costume contest are asked to stay so that we may hopefully take your photos to post on the oficial VA Comicon Facebook page and website.

11. Please remember that these rules are for the safety of yourself and other con goes. Compliance with these ensures a safe and fun convention environment for everyone! Guests and cosplayers alike. If you have any questions regarding these rules, please look back over them or be sure to speak with our friendly volunteer staff at the event. We reserve the right to modify these rules at any time, based on safety needs and/or concerns. Thanks for understanding, and HAVE FUN!