Aug 2023 Show Diagram

By Exhibitor Name Booth # By Booth # Exhibitor Name Extra Chairs
$1 Comics G9 A1 Throwback Games
2Jerkz&acomic A3 A2 Cosplay World
2Jerkz&acomic A4 A3 2Jerkz&acomic 1
2Jerkz&acomic A5 A4 2Jerkz&acomic
3D Whee B10 A5 2Jerkz&acomic
A Con With a Cause C10 A6 Kenton Kilgore, Author
A Steampunked Life E10 A7 Griffin Toys
A Steampunked Life E11 A8 Painted Visions
Ageless Press A11 A9 Nerd Elysium 1
All-American Comics E5 A10
Three Point RVA/ Dario Huynh / Henry Murray
All-American Comics F5 A11 Ageless Press 1
Ash’s Hallowed Haunts B4 A12 Victims and Villains
Attempted Vibes Dice A13 A13 Attempted Vibes Dice
Author Brian John Skillen H4 A14 Ruffwood Comics formerly Woody’s comics
BattleField Comics E4 B1 Fredericksburg’s Greatest Comics
Ben and Brittany comics B6 B2 Otaku International Express
Beware of Ninja F4 B3 Bob’s Ironwork 1
Birdy Boi Wonder G12 B4 Ash’s Hallowed Haunts
Black Dog Collectables E6 B6 Ben and Brittany comics 1
Black Dog Collectables F6 B7 Griffin Toys
BlackTooth Publishing, LLC B11 B8 Don Q Comics
Bob’s Ironwork B3 B9 Moving Pictures
Breakout Games E3 B10 3D Whee 1
Chaotic Abstraction H2 B11 BlackTooth Publishing, LLC 1
Chris Wharton E2 B12 GUI Podcast 3
Chris’ Pokemon & Sports Memorabilia D10 B13 GUI podcast
Chris’ Pokemon & Sports Memorabilia D9 B14 Tokki’s Whimsical Times
Clark3DPrints/Becca Hand Paintings C4 C1 Erraticsmith
Conscious Crystals G14 C2 Waterdeep Traders
Cosplay World A2 C3 TK Collectibles
Dan Nokes I5 C4 Clark3DPrints/Becca Hand Paintings
Daniel Sherrier H9 C5 Groundbreaking Comics
Dave’s Toys G4 C6 Moving Pictures
Don Q Comics B8 C7 Rawjawbone Graphics
Dtf_pops D12 C8 Stories Comics
Duh Comics E7 C9 RippinPokeHits
Elk Moon Creations H3 C10 A Con With a Cause
Erraticsmith C1 C11 Paper Tiger
Fan Numer One F11 C12 Paper Tiger
Flashpoint games H12 D1
Mike Odum Art/Red Comet Toys & Collectibles
Flashpoint games H13 D2 Udderly Ridiculious Productions 1 , Elec
Fraga Studios D7 D3 Insomnia Jewelers 1
Frank Lester J4 D4 Mythical Mirage Creations 1
Frank Lester J5 D5 Groundbreaking Comics
Fredericksburg’s Greatest Comics B1 D6 Joe Todd
Ghostbusters VA J2 D7 Fraga Studios
Ghostbusters VA J3 D8 River City Collectables 1
Griffin Toys A7 D9 Chris’ Pokemon & Sports Memorabilia
Griffin Toys B7 D10 Chris’ Pokemon & Sports Memorabilia
Groundbreaking Comics C5 D11 VAVGL Rocket League Championship Series
Groundbreaking Comics D5 D12 Dtf_pops
GUI Podcast B12 E1 Haunts of Richmond
GUI podcast B13 E2 Chris Wharton
Guy Rose / Julio Crespo I1 E3 Breakout Games 2
Haunts of Richmond E1 E4 BattleField Comics
Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find G7 E5 All-American Comics
Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find H7 E6 Black Dog Collectables
Ike Jones G5 E7 Duh Comics 2
Ike Jones G6 E8 Pop-Up Comics
Insomnia Jewelers D3 E9 Jake Set Radio
Jake Set Radio E9 E10 A Steampunked Life
Jason Hamlin Comics G8 E11 A Steampunked Life 1
Jason Hamlin Comics H8 E12 Ranelynn Graphics LLC
Jazz Up Smilez 360RVA H1 F1 Lucid 3D Printing
Jennifer Schwendeman G3 F2 Molding Carrot
Joe Todd D6 F3 Maia’s Garden
Kaleidoscope Keep H11 F4 Beware of Ninja 1
Kenton Kilgore, Author A6 F5 All-American Comics
Kevin Roberts I4 F6 Black Dog Collectables
Linda Redmond I2 F7 Nick Justus
Lucid 3D Printing F1 F8 Which Witch Crafts 1
Maia’s Garden F3 F9 PinPaalz
Mike Odum Art/Red Comet Toys & Collectibles D1 F11 Fan Numer One 1
Minty Fresh Comics/Chungy Comics G13 F12 Ranelynn Graphics LLC
Molding Carrot F2 G1 Richmond Fantasy Authors/RVA Katana
Moving Pictures B9 G2 rva fantasy authors/rva katana
Moving Pictures C6 G3 Jennifer Schwendeman 1
Mythical Mirage Creations D4 G4 Dave’s Toys
Nerd Elysium A9 G5 Ike Jones
Nick Justus F7 G6 Ike Jones
nikole mcdonald-jones H10 G7 Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find
ON HOLD I3 G8 Jason Hamlin Comics
Otaku International Express B2 G9 $1 Comics 1
Painted Visions A8 G10 Whatever You Bead 1
Paper Tiger C11 G11 Psy-Ko Smileys
Paper Tiger C12 G12 Birdy Boi Wonder 1
PinPaalz F9 G13 Minty Fresh Comics/Chungy Comics
Pop-Up Comics E8 G14 Conscious Crystals
Portside757gifts H14 H1 Jazz Up Smilez 360RVA Elec
Psy-Ko Smileys G11 H2 Chaotic Abstraction 1
Ranelynn Graphics LLC E12 H3 Elk Moon Creations
Ranelynn Graphics LLC F12 H4 Author Brian John Skillen
Rawjawbone Graphics C7 H5 Wulveys Customs and Collectibles
Rebel Legion J8 H6 Wulveys Customs and Collectibles
Rebel Legion J9 H7 Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find
Richmond Fantasy Authors/RVA Katana G1 H8 Jason Hamlin Comics
RippinPokeHits C9 H9 Daniel Sherrier
River City Collectables D8 H10 nikole mcdonald-jones
Ruffwood Comics formerly Woody’s comics A14 H11 Kaleidoscope Keep 1
rva fantasy authors/rva katana G2 H12 Flashpoint games
Shai Hulud Forge I6 H13 Flashpoint games
Stories Comics C8 H14 Portside757gifts
The 501st J6 I1 Guy Rose / Julio Crespo
The 501st J7 I2 Linda Redmond
Three Point RVA/ Dario Huynh / Henry Murray A10 I3 ON HOLD
Throwback Games A1 I4 Kevin Roberts
Timmy Danger J1 I5 Dan Nokes
TK Collectibles C3 I6 Shai Hulud Forge
Tokki’s Whimsical Times B14 J1 Timmy Danger
Udderly Ridiculious Productions D2 J2 Ghostbusters VA
VAVGL Rocket League Championship Series D11 J3 Ghostbusters VA
Victims and Villains A12 J4 Frank Lester Elec
Waterdeep Traders C2 J5 Frank Lester 1
Whatever You Bead G10 J6 The 501st
Which Witch Crafts F8 J7 The 501st
Wulveys Customs and Collectibles H5 J8 Rebel Legion
Wulveys Customs and Collectibles H6 J9 Rebel Legion