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Steve Bird

We are pleased to welcome back fan-fave inker Steve Bird to the Richmond, VA Comicon. Fans enjoyed Steve’s run on Blue Beetle, Books of Magic, Hard Time and more. Recently his artwork graced the Graphic Novel of Pacific Rim published by Legendary. Welcome back, Steve!

Friends From Fandoms

Custom and premade amigurumi dolls forged from the fires of geekiness and obsession. Want to find out more? Check out this shop’s store page.

Alicia’s Anime!

Thanks for visiting Alicia’s Anime! We are a small business, owned and operated by Anime fans, which got started in 2004. We sell Anime and video game related merchandise here on our website and at conventions in the Northeast US. Please contact us if you’d like an item not listed on the site, or if

Blind Alley Studios!

Blind Alley Studios makes Anime inspired apparel, clothing, prints and more! Blind Alley Studio appears as part of the Anime Component of our show!

IT Cosplay!

We are pleased to welcome IT Cosplay to the show! IT Cosplay is part of the Anime Show component of the VA Comicon!