Brett Carreras!

is the Owner and President of the VA Comicon. Once in a while he sets up at a show he promotes to sell off strange and cool items he has picked up.

Me and Jeffrey Vaughn, editor of the Price Guide!

Brett with Jeffrey Vaughn, Senior Editor of the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide.

Want to sell YOUR comics for REAL money? CALL BRETT at (804) 464-3232, AND LEAVE A MESSAGE!  For large collections, He will even come to YOU and he wants to pay you top dollar IMMEDIATELY for your comics!

Why does Brett pay MORE?? Simple: He OWNS the VA Comicon. It costs him less than anyone else to set up and sell, and he knows all the dealers.

Me with Steve Borock, Senior Grader of CBCS!

Brett with Steve Borock, Senior Grader of CBCS Comics!

Me with Chuck Rozanski, Owner of Mile High Comics!

Brett with Chuck Rozanski, Owner of Mile High Comics, in the largest comic warehouse in the world!

Brett’s Credentials:

He has bought and sold over 1 Million Comic Books

Official Adviser to the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide

Official Adviser to the Fogel’s Underground Price Guide

Official Richmond, VA CBCS Signature Witness

Official CGC Member Dealer for Richmond, VA

Manager of the Dave’s Comics Warehouse

Operator and Owner of the VA Comicon

Past owner of Brett’s Comic Pile, LLC

Co-Founder of the DC Comicon

Staff Member of Awesome-Con DC

Important Comic Book Purchases:

He has bought and sold almost EVERY important comic book published, including Action Comics #1, Superman #1, Batman #1, Wonder Woman #1, X-Men #1, etc! While single issues are GREAT, and we always pay more to “cherry pick”, we will also buy entire collections! Examples include:

Hopewell, VA:  $90,000

Richmond, VA: $55,000

Fredericksburg, VA: $50,000

Las Vegas, NV: $17:000

Chester, VA: $12,000

Plus hundreds (yes, HUNDREDS) of other collections between $50 and $50,000 each!

He has purchased entire comic store inventories, including:

Old Dominion Comics: Lynchburg, VA

Big Monkey Comics 1, Fredericksburg, VA

Big Monkey Comics 2, Washington, DC

Virginia Collectibles, Fredericksburg, VA

He wants to pay you MORE for your comics than anyone else in Virginia!

CALL BRETT at (804) 464-3232, AND LEAVE A MESSAGE! 

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