Hello one and all!  This is Dan Nokes of 21st Century Sandshark Studios infamy!  I am corresponding with you fine folk, to let you know that the powers that be at VIRGINIA COMICON have seen fit to make me the small press guru for this year’s rounds of one day shows!  I am hoping to take this grand opportunity and responsibility to assemble and showcase some of the spectacular talent that the Mid-Atlantic indie comic’s scene has to offer!  It is with a medium to large amount of pride that I announce in detail the first round of participants for the upcoming January 15th episode of aforementioned conning event!  Starting with…


CHRIS OTTO- Is a regular at the Virginia Comicon.  He is the creator of the episodic, Webcomic, canine slice of life piece, called simply: A DOG’S LIFE!  He is also taking this franchise into new territory with writer Ben Taylor with upcoming homage BARK TO THE FUTURE!  Chris’s brainchild and other important info can be found here!

JOSH LYMAN- Is an artist extraordinaire whose is best known for his Mini Sketchcards and assorted merch, as well as for work on the Voltron Art book!  A wide sampling of his range and capabilities can be seen here!

CHRIS FLICK- Is quite possibly the hardest working man in comicdom!…This talented writer/artist is the creator of the comic shop pop culture romp with a werewolf known as CAPES & BABES!  To date the man has made over 600 strips and has released the first 400 in two trade paperbacks!  More on this sequential enigma can be found here!

ICONOGRAPH STUDIOS- Are a consortium of aspiring multi-media moguls who have dipped their creative toes into not only comics, but online reality programming, and independent film as well!  This dynamo of likeminded wunderkind can be found here!

MICHAEL MUNSHAW-is another talented artist from the DC Metro area, who on top of his burning and churning through a hefty commission list is hard at work for such indie powerhouses as Visionary Studios.  More on this pencil pusher and ink wizard can be found here!

BILL MEIGGS-is a semi local who is a mainstay of The Virginia Comicon!  Although known for his inking skills, he is also a pencil and composition master who is always willing to put a new masterpiece in your sketchbook or living room!  Some examples of his masterworks can be found here!

MARK DELBOY-is a webcomic creator who is as local as it gets….QUITE LITERALY!  His current strip: Richmondabulous…well?….the title is rather self explanatory!  To get in on the ground floor, follow this link!…

VISIONARY COMICS-is a small press publishing juggernaut of such titles as their collaboration with Image Comics: DEADLANDS and DIETY!  More on this collection of creative folk can be amassed by following this link thing here…

BILL MCKAY- An art guru from Southern Maryland who has gained notoriety from working with Moonstone Publishing, specifically on the undead romp known as ZOMBIES VERSES CHEERLEADERS!  More on this creative hitman can be found by clicking on the link-a-ma-bob here!

LOUIS SMALL JR.- First came to prominence with his work on Vampirella, but has worked for publishers large and small including Valliant and Caliber to Marvel and DC!  To learn more about this virtuoso of the pencil and pen feel free to click here!

CLAYTON MURWIN- Is the editorial/publishing and creative goliath behind HEROES FALLEN STUDIOS, which is helping to bring the stories of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans through the medium of comics with UNTOLD STORIES FROM IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN  ( Volume II to be released December of 2012)  More about Clayton and Heroes fallen can be found by clicking on the link here!

VINCE WHITE: Is a freelance graphic artist in persuit of indie stardom.  He has engaged in many creator owned projects over the years, his most recent being the super hero romp WILL POWER!  More info on this artistic type person frequenting our con can be found by following this link…

JERRY GAYLORD AND BRYAN TURNER- are caricature artists, commisioneers extraordinaires, and journeyman comic book artists on the sequential road!  More on these two creative hooligans can be found by following these links!  JERRY-   BRYAN-

DAN NOKES-Is the creative force behind 21st Century Sandshark Studios!  He is the writer/artist on such projects as The Paranormals, The Pistoleers, and Adam and Eve: Bizarre Love Triangle in The Zombie Apocalypse!  His upcoming endeavors include: Unconditional-A Teddy Bear’s Tale, The Reptile and Mister Amazing-The Return of Kat Carson, and Impossible Space Tales of The Last Pit Stop! For more info on Dan follow here

That’s it folks!  Want to learn more!   Feel free to E-Mail me at!


Dan Nokes

Small Press

VA Comicon


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