2-Day Diagram!

The November show is held in the giant Old Dominion Building at the Richmond International Raceway Complex (Formerly the State Fairgrounds). Each booth is 10′ x 10′. The Vendor Application PDF and payment page are located HERE. Diagram and locations are subject to change without notice or discount. 

CMS-Logo-Med-Res-WebWe are pleased to partner with Cypress Bay Enterprises, who will be on-site to service and re-fill our ATMs.

Confirmed artists and creators bios: http://vacomicon.com/2-day-show-info/


 The following vendors are confirmed for our November 23-24 show:

Table:Vendor Name:
1Cards Comics and Collectibles
2Cards Comics and Collectibles
4Laughing Ogre Comics
5Updog Comics
6Updog Comics
7Jason Hamlin Comics
8Jason Hamlin Comics
10Guy Rose Vintage Comics
11Basement Comics
12Basement Comics
13Frank's Cool Stuff
14Frank's Cool Stuff
15Galactic Trading Company
16Supah! Comics
17Ssalefish Comics
18On Hold
19Gene Carpenter
20Gene Carpenter
21Heroes Aren't Hard to Find
22Heroes Aren't Hard to Find
23Heroes Aren't Hard to Find
24Victory Comics
25Victory Comics
26Comics and Gaming
27Comics and Gaming
28Comics to Astonish
29Comics to Astonish
30Derek Woywood
31Derek Woywood
32Apocalypse Comics
33Apocalypse Comics
34Apocalypse Comics
35Apocalypse Comics
36Sci-Fi Photo Guys
37Pile O' Comics
38Pile O' Comics
39VA Comicon Exclusives (8'x10')
40Mario's Comics
41Welcome Back Comics
42Welcome Back Comics
43Zeno's Comics
44Black Dog Colletables
45StormCrow Comics
46Comic Kings


Artist Alley Table #:Creator / publisher Name:
A1.Steve Conley
A2.Brian Clevinger
A3.Scott Wegener
A4.Rebel Stars
A5.Bill McKay
A6.Bill Meiggs
A7.Nick Davis
A8.Dan Nokes
A9.Jason Axtell
A10.Chris Flick
A11.Matt Hawkins
A12.Pop Mhan
A13.Alan Moorefield / Mark H. Roberts
A14.Marc Adona
A15.Iconograph Studios
A16.Jason Crawley
A17.Primal Paper Comics
A18.Chris Ehnot
A19.The Art Institute
A20.Nikole Jones
A21.JK Creations
A22.Joeseph Dragunas
A23.Jason Pittman
A24.Daniel Clark
A25.Mike Kuty
A26David Landis
A27.Kier Lyles
A28.Interrobang Studios
A29.Darkfire Design
A30.Super Sox Shop
A31.Christopher Otto
A32.Brittani Sadler
A33.Herb Trimpe
A34.Sean Anderson
A35.Johnny Lupsha
A36.Sky Welkin
A37.Angela McKendrick
A38.William Withers II
A39.Matthew McDowell
A40.Kevin Spain
A41.Mike Wolfer
A42.Brody Williams
A43.Jeffrey Vaughn
A44.James Kuhoric
A45.Joe Martino/Dave Ryan
A46.Carey Blindenhofer
A47.Kumajin Studios
A48.Matthew Roberts
A49.Beck Seashols
A50.Bee Lucky Productions
A51.Dan Parent
A52.Bryan "Flash" Turner
A53.Jason Mclellan
A54.Justin McCall/Book of Blade
A55.Geekboy Press
A56.Sam Ellis / Elvin Hernadez
A57.Nathan Skreslet
A58.Louis Small
A59.SL Gallant
A60.Sohaib Awan
A61.Charity Burchett
A62.JT Charity
A63.JT Charity
A64.Budd Root
A65.Andy Smith
A66.Steve Bird / John Wycough
A67.Brian Shearer / Rick Ketcham
A68.Jason Walker / Tsunami
A69.Hero Initiative
A70.Matt Slay
A71.Liefeld Variants/ Deadpool
A72.Rob Liefeld
A78.Soldiers of Fortune Comics
A79.Erik Hodson
A80.Scott Zambelli & Brett Pinson
A81.Scott Zambelli & Brett Pinson
A82.Dan Fogel/Hippy Comix
A83.Lee and Bert Lacy
A84.John Porter
A85.Yaya Han
A86.Yaya Han
A87.Kevin Roberts / Kirk O'Brien