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The Greatest Movie Trilogy Ever Made

Our Future-Day Exclusive! You can order this item exclusively from Amazon beginning Oct 21, 2015…the same day Marty McFly arrives in the future in Back to the Future part II! This is a 52 reference book, printed on a premium matte-stock cover, with high-quality text on cream-finish pages. Don’t miss it!


The Gifted series begins with “Glaston,” a riveting tale of a girl with innate supernatural abilities. Upon her transfer to Glaston Academy, Abrielle must develop her talents under the guidance of her handsome and brooding mentor. She soon discovers that she has a rare gift that is desired by a malicious organization willing to do

Etched in Time

Come meet Walter Stechele, the purveyor of all things “Etched in Time”. Do you like custom-made etched glass and wood? Then check these guys out for something fun!

Infinity Art!

Come meet creator Warren Stechele of Yorktown, VA and his amazing INFINITY ART!

Aurora Arthouse

Meet the talented women who comprise Aurora Arthouse: Jennifer Lockhart, Nicolle Milesh, and Eve Valenzuela.  Visit our booth to learn a bit more about each artist or visit us at:

Apocalypse Comics!

Hailing from South Carolina, the Apocalypse Comics chain of stores is sure to have the perfect  toy or graphic novel for even the most discerning collector.