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Soni Aralynn!

We are pleased to welcome international cosplay model Soni Aralynn. Soni was recently selected by Marvel Comics to be the Cosplay Model for Ms. Marvel #1 as part of the recent relaunch of the Marvel Universe. Soni Aralynn is a distinguished and talented cosplayer who has been making her own intricate costumes for many years!

The Greatest Movie Trilogy Ever Made

It’s our Future-Day Exclusive! this 52-page book features crowd-sourced information all about the Back to the Movie Trilogy, the TV Show, the Ride, the Game and MORE! Don’t wait until the show…order our newest exclusive directly from Amazon (with FREE Amazon Prime shipping). Click the image below to order your copy TODAY!

Sam Ellis

Best known as the lead Illustrator and Character Designer for Archer on FX, Sam Ellis makes comics, cartoons, and games. He has worked on projects with BOOM Studios, Cartoon Network, Disney Interactive, FX and Marvel. He lives in Spotsylvania with his wife, two sons, dog and six chickens. In 2016, Sam will launch FredCon. Visit

Superhero’s Armory

We are your Superhero’s Armory one stop shop in replica weapons for cosplayers and enthusiasts alike. We have replica weapons made of foam, wood, and non-bladed replicas. Come visit our booth and get armored up with your preferred weapons of choice!

Kevin Roberts

Kevin Roberts is a local Richmond City artist and comic book creator, and co-founder of Redline Studios. He is the artist behind sci-fi adventure ‘Stronghold’ ( and the artist and writer behind ‘Ride,’ set to be released early 2016.