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Mazikeen Studios

Mazikeen Studios proudly creates fandom-centric jewelry and accessories for all different types of fandoms from comic books to TV and movies, and everything in between!  Looking for something completely unique to your interests?  Custom orders are available while you wait, even at conventions.

Desktop Gremlins!

HOT NEWS: DAVID LANDIS IS NOW AN AUTHOR FOR SCHOLASTIC! Desktop Gremlins is your destination to discover easy-to-build papercrafts that you build with only scissors! No glue, no tape, and no knives required! Every Desktop Gremlins has a story, a legend, and a reason to be sitting on your desk to help you through your

Lance Sawyers studios

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Sawyers to the show. He has previously attended as part of GeekBox, but will be showcasing his fine art skills at the Richmond, VA Comicon for the first time as an illustrator. Pleased to have you on board, Lance!