Meet TWO(2!) AdventureTime cover artists! Free Admission! THIS Sunday in RVA!


Oh yeah…you read that post right, Ladies and Gents!

Hot on the heels of our earlier announcement that Richmond will be a hotbed of Adventure Time coolness, with the ability to get NINE exclusives at our show this Sunday (read about them HERE), we are pleased to say we got not ONE, but TWO super-duper cover artists of those very exclusives!

We are pleased to announce the much-welcomed return of fan fave creator Steve Conley! In addition to recent credits on Adventure Time, a succesful Kickstarter Campaign for his creator-owned property Bloop Steve holds a fond place in our hears as the original designer of our very VA Comicon logo!

Pick up Steve’s AdventureTime #12 exclusively at Cards Comics and Collectibles booth (welcome back, Marc!) this Sunday in RIchmond.

Also making her return to the VA Comicon is the amazingly talented Penelope Gaylord. She is part of Identity Comics Studio who will be bringing Jerry Gaylord, and studio mate Bryan Turner. Penelope rendered the awesome Adventuretime Presents: Fiona and Cake #1 limited edition cover for AwesomeCons. Visit the AwesomeCons booth for this exclusive, and learn more about the show coming up in Washington, DC in April!

Based on pre-registration, the show is going to be PACKED. Please please please consider pre-registering online. Not only can you breeze in by simply handing us your ticket, it is FREE! Click here to get your tickets NOW!

We will see you there, THIS SUNDAY, February 17 in Richmond, VA!

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