Meet Sam Ellis, Lead Character designer for ARCHER, at VA Comicon THIS Sunday!

Animation superstar Sam Ellis comes to Richmond, VA Comicon on Sunday!

PrintEvery bit of animation has to be designed…especially the lead characters! We are thrilled to have crossover illustration/animator Sam Ellis at the Virginia Comicon this Sunday. You see some of Sam’s most popular illustration work every day. Here is a quick rundown, followed by a more extensive bio:

FX/ Floyd County Productions/ Radical Axis: ARCHER (Character Designer, Story Artist, Backgrounds, Layouts, Illustrator Voice Actor)


Adult-Swim/ 70-30 Productions: FRISKY DINGO (Character Designer, Story Artist, Backgrounds, Layouts, Illustrator Voice Actor)


Adult-Swim: The XTACLES: (Character Designer, Story Artist, Backgrounds, Layouts, Illustrator Voice Actor)\


Disney/Playdom/Marvel Comics: Avengers Alliance FaceBook Game (Concept Artist Character Designer)


Here is a more detailed bio directly from the man himself:

“Sam is a visual storyteller and purveyor of fine things. After graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a focus in Sequential Art, Sam went on to work on and develop a number of animated cable TV shows. After living a crazy life for the networks Sam decided to focus on his own projects and finish his Masters animation. While going to school Sam couldn’t stay away from the biz and got caught up with Green Shoe Animation working on projects for Disney like Marvel’s Avengers Alliance Facebook Game, and SMOSH’s Shut Up Cartoons Like Krogzilla as well as many other things. Sam specializes in developing shows for animation, story art and visual development and currently is finishing his card game based on the comic he is working on ROBOT COWBOY SAMURAI. You can always find what he is currently working on at ”

We are pleased to have Mr. Ellis join us at the show this Sunday! To skip the lines and get in for FREE, be sure to pre-register here!

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