Hi folks!  Dan Nokes here, to announce the first willing participants for the February 17th edition of VIRGINIA COMICONS SMALL PRESS SANCTUARY!!!

Jan 13 Small Press Sanctuary B


our roster for this all indie comic goodness section includes!…

BILL MCKAY: This master of the sequential pencil and pen is well known for his stints on ZOMBIES VERSES CHEERLEADERS and 80′s UNDEAD!  More on Bill McKay and his remarkable art skills can be found by clicking on this link!

BILL MEIGGS: Is a learned veteran of both the con circuit and this show!  Best known as an inking guru, this man of the quill can also rock a commission or four from sketchcards to full blown 11X17 artistic eye candy!  More on Mister Meiggs can be found here!


CHRIS OTTO-Is the creator of the canine, quasi bio, comedic, webcomic romp known simply to his fans as A DOG’S LIFE!  More on Chris can be learned by checking out his website, simply by clicking HERE!!!


PRIMAL PAPER COMICS-Is an indie comic studio comprised of JEFF HEWITT, VINCE WHITE, and JUSTIN CRISTELLI.  This tour de force picture story producer turns out such titles as THE LEGEND OF WILL POWER, RED KNIGHT, and THE ENDS!  More on Primal Paper can be gathered by following this link like deal?!

CULLEN PITTMAN- Is the creator/writer/artist/one man band of REBUSQUEST….Cullen and his works can be viewed, studied, and gawked at, simply by clicking on this link thing in his bio!

DAN NOKES- Is me:  The head of 21st Century Sandshark Studios and guy behind Impossible Space Tales of The Last Pit Stop and The Reptile and Mister Amazing: The Return of Kat Carson!  Dan and his many works can be seen by following this simple link…

ICONOGRAPH STUDIOS- Are a featured player at the VA COMICON small press scene!  These masters of media not only designed the official 2011 2-day show print but are YouTube reality show stars with programs like Phenomena! Mark, Stephen, and David will be selling prints, doing commissions and spreading the legend of Iconograph!  To learn more, follow this link like deal!

TOM KING- Is an acclaimed novelist who’s latest work: A ONCE CROWDED SKY, continues the super hero deconstructionist tradition of such works as Kingdom Come, Watchmen, Marvels, and Wanted…BUT WITH A TWIST!  More about Mister King’s book can be ascertained by follow this link!

KEIR LYLES- Is a new regular at the show, with his creator owned output moniker known as APOCRYPHA STUDIOS!  More on Keir and his projects can be gathered and collected by simply clicking here!

LEONARDO CRESPO:  Is another familiar face to The Virginia Comicon!  This creator is the artistic brainchild behind his Puerto Rico based super hero character TORO!  Want to learn more about this sequentially inclined individual?  Simply click on this link like deal…

MICHAEL MUNSHAW: Mike hails from Southern Maryland much like myself!  He is a sketchcard  and comic artist with credits for such companies as Visionary Studios and various trading card companies!  Mike will most likely be doing commissions and selling various artistic endeavors if you ask REAL NICE!  Want to see what kind of items?  CLICK HERE!!!

PETE TAPANG:  Is a new name to our little indie shindig!  Pete hails from the DC metro area, and specializes in rendering the female form.  Recently he has moved into superheroes and sci-fantasy as part of his muse!  Pete will be selling his beautiful art and up for commissions if you happen to stop by!  More on Pete can be found at this website type place!

JOHN O’CONNOR: Is a former editor at Marvel Comics who has now entered the foray of creator owned indie sequentials!  His current effort BLACK DAWN is getting some well deserved media buzz in the comic world!  More on John and his efforts can be found by clicking here!

STEVE CONLEY:  Is a near 20 year veteran of the indie comics and small press scene!  This grizzled sequential veteran is responsible for such creator owned efforts as Astounding Space Thrills and its spinoff Bloop!  We are glad to have Steve back for the show and reccomend checking out his webcomic work!


IDENTITY COMICS:  Is made up of Bryan Turner and Jerry and Penelope Gaylord!  As well as being producers extreme of great commission and print work are also working on Boom Studios newest release: FANBOYS VERSES ZOMBIES!  More on this trio of terror can be found by clicking here!




For more info or to sign up for a table feel free to contact me at


Dan Nokes

Small Press


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