Wrongly accused artist and friend, Rick Ketham, released from jail.

[Note: this article was updated with more accurate information at 6:28p Saturday, Oct 20, 2012 EST]

Dear VA Comicon Fan,

This letter comes to you at a time of great frustration for one of my best buddies, and friends of the VA Comicon, Mr. Rick Ketcham.

Fans of the VA Comicon will know Rick tries to visit the VA Con AT LEAST once a year, and has been our guest of honor several times in the past. He has donated his art skills for our PR and poster projects in the past, and was instrumental in creating the cover to our TMNT #3 book, as well as being the man hand-tapped to do art chores with Joss Whedon when he wrote Runaways.

Sadly on Monday, he was arrested on heinous, untrue charges stemming from a long-standing family feud between his sister and the rest of the family. Rick was aggressively arrested while driving his mother to the Social security offices on completely factless untrue charges, and his VERY good name was dragged through the mud of the comics industry, based only on a factless accusation by his sister.

I am pleased to say Rick is now back home with his mother and fiancee and others who love him, including his studio-mates and friends at Tsunami Studios in Greensboro, NC who have been working tirelessly to tell the world that these charges are SIMPLY NOT TRUE, and have been levied against him by his sister out of spite, and a desire to destroy him professionally, and to ruin his vacation next week in Thailand he has been saving for all year to introduce his mother to his fiancee’s family. It was going to be a trip of a lifetime, and it is now ruined.
Rick spent two miserable nights in prison on false charges.

With zero corroborating evidence, Rick has already been released from jail, and will be working with his legal team to get ALL charges dropped. His vacation is still ruined, with zero chance for refund, and his present adoption process has been placed on hold. I had a very long conversation with Rick last night who described a horrifying depiction of his jail time and interrogation. While he is now back home, greed, spite and jealousy on his sister’s part caused this.

Anyone and EVERYONE who knows Rick knows he is a GREAT person. One of my favorite memories of him is being introduced to his Mother at our 2-day VA Comicon in 2010, where Rick was so honored to be a guest, he was blushing, and wanted his Momma to be a part of the festivities. Yes…one of our guests of honor brought his Mother to the VA Comicon because he loves the show so much…and the show loves him!

During this very scary time, Rick is calling on EVERYONE to be his advocate. We want to remind him that he is loved, cherished and appreciated and we cannot wait to have him return to the VA Comicon with a huge smile on his face.

If you wish to share your feelings and hope with Rick, I encourage you to send a note through his studios’ main contact web-page located at:


If you would like to make any financial donations to help him in this VERY expensive legal situation, please consider making inquiries through the studio at the link above as well.

My heart is breaking for my friend. I thank you SO much for rallying behind him and taking time to read this missive.

Also, MANY thanks to Bleeding Cool News, who was one of the earliest to report that this Rick has been released, and to clear up some of the details of the case: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2012/10/19/studio-mates-rally-round-rick-ketcham/

The more people that know the truth, and know these allegations are false, and based entirely on a direct family feud between Rick’s sister and the rest of his family, hopefully the better Rick’s life will become.

Right now, I can tell you my friend, whom I love VERY much, is scared and hurting. Only time will heal these wounds. When you see Rick, let him know how much he means to you, to US, and to the comic book community.

It’s the least we can all do.

Brett Skye Carreras
Owner of Brett’s Comic Pile, LLC
Promoter of the Virginia Comicon
 …and, most importantly, friend of Rick Ketham.
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