Hello one and all!  This is VA Comicon Small Press Guru Dan Nokes here to give you our SMALL PRESS SANCTUARY GUEST LIST for the September 16th program! Here is what we have so far…

CHRISTOPHER OTTO: Is a welcomed valued regular feature at the Virginia Comicon!  This webcomics craftsman is best known for his tongue-in-cheek sequential internet romp known simply to his devoted fans as A DOG’S LIFE!  To learn more about Mister Otto and his webernet foray follow this link type thing….

CAREY BLINDENHOFER- Specializes in comic and commission goodness!  His cartoony, energetic, and kenetic style is certain to turn a few heads!  To learn more about this artist type individual, please click on this link and be visually dazzled!

DAN NOKES: Not only runs the small press section of the VA COMICON but is also a one man creative indie dynamo with his imprint 21ST CENTURY SANDSHARK STUDIOS!  He will be bringing some of his wares including his latest effort ADAM AND EVE: BIZARRE LOVE TRIANGLE IN THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!  More on Dan can be learned here:

NIKOLE JONES-Is making her return to THE VIRGINIA COMICON!   Nikole  is an artist/writer with manga/fantasy take on her work…More on what she does can be found by following this link sort of thing right here!

HEROES FALLEN STUDIOS- Is a charity organization run by Clayton Murwin that specializes in raising awareness on Afghanistan and Iraq veterans through the power of comics!  More on Clayton and his very worthwhile cause can be found here…

BILL MEIGGS- Is a VA Comicon fixture and talented artist and inker to boot!  Bill has worked with an array of artist in aforementioned inker capacity and would be more than thrilled to have you fine folks hit him up for a commission or some of his fine prints and sketchcards!  More on Bill Meiggs and his incredible art can be found by clicking here!

JASON “BLOKE” CRAWLEY: Is returning this year with a treasure trove of self published horror fanfare from his VIRUS COMIX self publishing imprint!  To find out more about this tophat laden individual go to his webite, by following this link like thing here!

BILL MCKAY- Is a recent regular at the show, having burst onto the scene not too long ago, with his horror comedy romps: ZOMBIES VERSES CHEERLEADERS and 80′s UNDEAD!  More about Mister McKay can be ascertained by clicking on this link!

MATT SLAY-  Is a master of inkwash, watercolor, and vast variety of mediums that have served him well on such endeavors as cover work for the Katy Perry Comic and TMNT Variant covers seen at many a VA COMICONS!  To learn more about Matt, please visit his deviantart sight here!

K. MICHAEL CRAWFORD-  Is a veteran of children’s book creation and publishing!  Her art and stories can be found and purchased at her website found here!

 ICONOGRAPH STUDIOS:  Is made up of David Hindelang, Mark Peasley, and Stephen Burks!  These indie jacks of all mediums cover comics, art, web and even the world of motion pictures!  They delivered big time on the 2-day show exclusive official print, as well as many other designs!  Check out their blog site at or some of their homegrown video work from their webseries PHENOMENA at YouTube at this handy dandy address!

That is what I have down so far!  There is still room here at the inn!  Tables are only $69 for small press in the main room with tables in our registration/hallway space for only $49!  For more info please feel free to contact me at 


Dan Nokes

Creative Director

21st Century Sandshark Studios

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