Hello again one and all!  This is Dan Nokes of the SMALL PRESS SANCTUARY section of The Virginia Comicon!  I am here to tell you about some of the cool exclusives and premieres that are going on at the Sunday July 8th show of aforementioned program!

We start off with con regular Chris Otto and his first paper trade of his online comic romp A DOG’S LIFE!

More on Chris and his webcomic tribute to man’s best friend can be found here!  http://adogslifecomic.com/

We also have a nifty print Virginia Comicon Exclusive from first time guest RUSTY GILLIGAN!  Rusty is a 30 plus year veteran in the field, and has worked for Marvel, DC and in the film industry for a variety of projects!  Rusty is bringing a print of his creator owned project: MAC AND TROUBLE!

To learn more about Rusty Gilligan click onto this handy dandy link a thing here!  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0319207/

Next up ICONOGRAPH STUDIOS will be bringing in their LIMITED PRINT MINI COMIC THE COPPER CAPTAIN to the con!  It officially debuts 1 day earlier, at The Southern Maryland Comicon!  But being this is a very limited edition, copies of this pulp hero/golden age homage will sure to be selling out fast!

To learn more about the exploits and creative endeavors of Iconograph follow the link to their home page! http://iconographstudios.com/icono2/

Finally we have…well…me?!…21st Century Sandshark Studios will be putting out Volume 2 of ADAM AND EVE: BIZARRE LOVE TRIANGLE IN THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!  This indie critical darling will be making a double premiere that will conclude at this very July 8th VA Comicon!!

So need another good reason to hit the VA Comicon this weekend?!….Here’s at least 4 I just gave ya’!

See you there!

Dan Nokes

Small Press

Virginia Comicon

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