GI JOE superstar artist SL Gallant invades both MD and VA Comicon July 7-8!

I am pleased to announce the surprise return of superstar GI JOE artist SL Gallant to the Virginia Comicon on July 8th, 2012! Mr. Gallant will be a guest at BOTH The Southern Maryland Comicon in Waldorf Maryland this Saturday, July 7th, and the FREE Virginia Comicon in Richmond on July 8th!

Longtime VA comicon exhibitor Ben (Ninja Pirate Gear) Penrod will be operating our “sister-show” in Maryland, and all paid attendees to the Southern Maryland Comicon will ALSO receive FREE tickets to the VA Comicon the very next day on Sunday July 8th! Wow!

GI Joe #180 is released THIS week, and features a story of the JOES invading San Diego Comicon! Be sure to visit us out in San Diego three days AFTER the VA Comicon at booth #5510, where Ben and I will be promoting MD and VA Comicon Variant comics, with special artist guest and pal of the VA Comicon, Mr. Matt Slay! We will see you at all three shows!

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