Hello folks!  This is Dan Nokes, founder of indie comic one man juggernaut 21st Century Sandshark Studios, and small press liaison to Virginia Comicon: Dan Nokes!  Here to unveil the roster for the small press contingent of the April 1st outing of THE VIRGINIA COMICON!  Now while I myself will be unable to attend this program! (BOOOO!!)  I have assembeled some of the finest indie, small press, and underground creative types for your viewing, reading and purchasing amusement and pleasure!  (YAAAYYY!!!)  Starting with…

BILL MEIGGS- A VA Comicon regular for years upon years!  This man, while best known as an inker extreme, is also a talented penciler in his own right!  A must hit at any Richmond outing for sketchcard or commision!  For more on Bill check out his deviantart site….

STEVE CONLEY- First came to light in the creator owned comic community with his off beat sci fi excursion ASTOUNDING SPACE THRILLS!  Steve has since then spun off the character BLOOP! into his own series, as well as working for IDW on Star Trek Year Four.  More on Steve can be discovered by simply clicking on this link!

JOHN “WAKI” WYCOUGH- is an artist with a long and distinguished resume along the last decade!  Some of his more notable efforts have included Noble Causes (Image), Bloodrayne (Digital Webbing) Gi Joe, Transformers, and Doctor Who (IDW).  For more on some of John’s work, follow this link type thing!….

MICHAEL MALKIN- Is the creator of what some have described as ” A COMBINATION OF AMERICAN BEAUTY AND LOST” in his sequential effort: COMPLEX…More on Michael and his endeavors can be found by slipping your mouse arrow icon onto this link, and clicking such device….

MICHAEL MUNSHAW- Is another up and coming artist from my back yard of Southern Maryland!  Mike recently became a staple with up and coming publishers, VISIONARY COMICS and work can be seen in the horror/adventure offering: THE OFFSPRING!…Mikes work with Visionary can be found by clicking here!

ERIC MENGE- Is another webcomic virtuoso with his online fantasy series SNOW BY NIGHT.  To learn more about Eric or Snow by Night, go to this handy dandy site, and check this guy out!

CLAYTON MURWIN- Is a longtime organizer and supporter of veterans issues, who has decided show his support for  those who have served/serve in the military, in a unique way. He does this by giving voice to their experiences, with his publisher/organization Heroes Fallen!  Clayton is also a talented writer/artist whose work can be seen by pinpointing to this link and giving the proverbial click

SCOTT MARKLEY- Our webcomic roster builds up again with Scott and his internet outing UNCONCIOUS on the A TIME FOR HUGS website…More on Scott, can be assertained by going to the A TIME FOR HUGS website by clicking here!

JESSE COWAN-Was a mainstay at the Small Press Pavillion of Terror, with his animation minimal style and his creative output: LITTLE WOLF!  To learn more about Little Wolf and his creator Jesse, follow this link to his site!

NIKOLE JONES-Is making her debut at THE VIRGINIA COMICON and frankly any comic book convention!  Nikole  is an artist/writer with manga/fantasy take on her work…More on what she does can be found by following this link sort of thing right here!

That brings our roster up to date!  The show is April 1st, the time is 10am-4pm, the players are set, the location is the main ballroom of THE CROWNE PLAZA WEST!  BE THERE CENTRAL VA COMIC BOOK FANS!!!

Dan Nokes

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