Universal Studios Hollywood’s VAMPYRE #1 Debuts at VA Comicon Oct 29-30!

We are pleased to have Patrick Ian Moore, the writer and Illustrator of Universal Studios’ FIRST COMIC BOOK EVER, Vapyre #1 at the VA Comicon on Oct 29-30.

This is Universal Studios’ first comic book EVER, and this debut issue was ONLY available directly FROM the studio, and in their store at the Park in Hollywood briefly before sell-out.

This pioneer effort was even converted into a Flash-animated movie and premiered before Hollywood’s Elite.

Written, pencilled, inked AND drawn by Hollywood Actor Patrick Ian Moore, this is a HIGHLY coveted collectible, available ONE TIME EVER on the West Coast.

Patrick will be bringing his single box of artist’s copies with him (less than 300 units remaining), and will be signing and personalizing them at the Brett’s Comic Pile booth for $10 each. There will be a STRICT limit of 2 copies per person on this comic book.

I will see you in two days! -Brett

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