Ultra-limited Zombie Proof: Zombie Zoo #1 Debuts with smoking VACC variant Oct 29-30!

Introducing Moonstone’s Zombie Proof: Zombie Zoo #1 VA Comicon Variant!

The new, full-color, 46-page, one-shot story ties directly into events of the original Zombie-Proof
mini-series but will also be a perfect introduction to new readers. What’s more, other than in two
special, extremely limited convention editions totaling less than 250 copies, this story will only
appear in the collected edition!

If the zombies weren’t bad enough by themselves, things are about to get a whole lot worse.
Despite government denials, animals can indeed become the reanimated undead. In San Rosina,
Texas, one man stands ready to defend the survivors, whether they’re ready to be saved or not:
Billy Bob Driwahl. Exclusive Virginia Comicon cover by Jacob Jordan. Limited to less than 200 copies.

At 48 pages and all in full-color, this VA Comicon Exclusive Cover is sure to be an instant sell-out!

Want to guarantee your copy of this book? Less than 50 VIP passes will be available soon, guaranteeing you will recieve one of EACH exclusive!

This Limited Edition is made possible in part by Moonstone and JC Vaughn…the creator of Zombie Proof, who will be at the show on Oct 29-30!

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