Avatar reveals Lady Death VA Comicon (Oct 29-30) EXCLUSIVE! Ltd 750!

We are pleased to have first-time exhibitor Avatar Press be our premiere publisher at the 25th anniversary VA Comicon on October 29-30!

It is also with MUCH excitement that I am proud to reveal the first of several VA Comicon Exclusive comic books being offered in various quantities at this year’s show! Here it is, Ladies and Gents: An “electric” new cover for Lady Death #10 from series artist Marcelo Mueller that is exclusive to VA Comicon and limited to just 750 copies!

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: With Satasha’s kingdom in ruins after an earth-shaking battle with Death Queen’s army, Lady Death and the forces of the rebellion regroup to determine their next retaliatory strike against the horrific monarch who rules the Under Realm. Without a battlefield weapon mighty enough to channel her supernatural powers, the quest for a legendary sword leads Lady Death and Wargoth to a desolate city, laid to waste by an ancient curse. But before she can claim her prize, she must face the slashing swords of those who protect the sword of The Silent Oneā€¦ Magdalyn and Dinah, the blood-thirsty, holy warriors of The Fallen! Death Queen has plans of her own, however, and an unholy alliance begins to take root, one which will soon spell death for a major member of the cast! Co-written by Mike (Gravel, Wolfskin) Wolfer and original creator Brian Pulido, this arc features the art of amazing new talent Gabriel Andrade!

More exclusives to be announced soon! Be sure to subscribe to our Twitter and Facebook (sign-up is to the right) to be the FIRST to know when tickets go on sale! -Brett

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