Eva Ink & Michael Golden Thank VA Comicon VIPs!

Right in the heart of our Premiere exhibitor hall are the good folks of EVA INK studios! In addition to being our first announced Guest of Honor, Michael has been working extra-hard to make this show special!

As a “Thank you” to our VIPs, Michael will be giving away #1-10 of his limited (only 99!) Buck O’Hare (created by Larry Hama!) prints, and personalizing them. PLUS the VA Comicon will throw in 10 high-grade Micronauts #1s from 1978 by Golden, all framed rigid top loaders!

10 sets (comic + print) will be chosen at random from the list of registered VIPs. It will be right at 11:00am to announce the opening of the show to the public! VIPs MUST be at the Eva Ink table at 11:00a to win one of these 10 sets. Make sure you check out the other limited prints and art books from the rest of the Eva Ink Crew: Joe Jusko, Rodney Ramos, Renee Witterstaetter and Steve Scott!

See you tomorrow! -Brett

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One Response to Eva Ink & Michael Golden Thank VA Comicon VIPs!

  1. bamboo says:

    BooYah! Bucky O’Hare and the Micronauts RULE! See ya’ at 11!

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