5 Days ’till the VA Comicon! Surprise Artists Added!! Last Chance VIPs!!!

Ok boys and girls…hold onto your hats for this one! With the big show coming up THIS weekend, we thought we would shatter your minds by announcing not one, NOT two, BUT THREE awesome surprise creators to the show!

First off, I would like to remind you that Filip Sablik, the Publisher of Top Cow will be doing portfolio reviews on Sunday! While waiting to meet with him, say “hi” to his co-writer on the upcoming Last Mortal, Mr. John Mahoney!

Second off…I am pleased to announce fan-fave penciller Reilly Brown (Hercules, Deadpool Corps, Cable and Deadpool) will be returning for a third year!

Third off…and this is REALLY cool…The DARK ONE is back! Catch up with the creator and artist of Best-Selling comic book Animal Mystic! The DARK ONE ranks as one of the most popular cover artists of all time!

Oh yeah…one more TINY detail…2-day tickets are only available for three more days, so hurry up and get your ADVANCED VIP tickets for only $14.99 each RIGHT NOW!

See you at the show! – Brett

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