10 Days until the VA Comicon! Volunteers NEEDED! Help Us! Nov 20-21, 2010!

It’s getting silly-close to the BIGGEST 2-day Comic Book show EVER in the State of Virginia! With over 50 top artists, and the best publishers, there is a LOT of work ahead of us.

So…we are making a plea to EVERYONE to get the word out about the show! NOW is the time to help us! Post AS MUCH about the show as possible on Facebook, Myspace, your blogs, messageboards and Podcasts. Get Viral!Add us to your signature line for all of your emails coming up. Tell your friends and family!

 If you REALLY want to help out, send us a message by going HERE, and mention “VOLUNTEER” in the subject line. We need folks to help us run the front door, hang posters up, give directions, and to transport creators to and from RIC airport.  We are looking for folks in 4 hour shifts, and all volunteers will get FREE admission to the show, and a set of both Top Cow Exclusive covers by Billy Tucci (ltd 500 each!) at no charge! Let us know! Thanks! – Brett

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